Craft room clear out

For weeks I have been telling myself that my craft room/space needs a good clean and some organisation. Yet every time I look at it I end up making something instead of getting on with it.

This morning I had a burst of energy, what started as a mess still doesn’t look much better, but it is a start and definitely more organised then it was when I woke up at 6!

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How about you? Does your craft room or area get messy or are you super tidy? Does it take you a while to get on with cleaning it up? or are you like me and its never really tidy even after a good clean.

7 thoughts on “Craft room clear out”

    1. My craft “room” is actually one side of my bedroom. My partner always moans about the mess. I always moan that I don’t have enough room or storage.

  1. Every time I try to tidy up I find something I had forgotten about and then get distracted. My room is an absolute mess at the moment, so much so that I just shut the door to it when we get visitors.

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