Where has the week gone?

I have been so busy this last week that I have not really had the time to craft. Saying that I did manage to get a little gift bag made, and by little I mean small enough for a malteaster bunny or a cream egg.

Now due to technical issues on the site I am having problems uploading any photos, so I send my apologies for this, and hope that it will be fixed soon.

Determination paid off

I found some unfinished cross stitch when tidying my craft room and was determined to get them finished and made into something. I may not have succeeded with them all but I have managed to get one finished and made into a card.

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Determined to finish

Hi all.
I hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was none stop as normal. Then this morning I went in the craft room to try and find my “book” embossing board and came across some cross stitch that I started a while back and never finished. It wasn’t just one either, it was 4. I am now determined to get them finished before I start a new project.

Have you had anything you start and never finish? Is there a craft you have tried and then tried again and never completed? This is definitely mine.

Craft room clear out

For weeks I have been telling myself that my craft room/space needs a good clean and some organisation. Yet every time I look at it I end up making something instead of getting on with it.

This morning I had a burst of energy, what started as a mess still doesn’t look much better, but it is a start and definitely more organised then it was when I woke up at 6!

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3 4
How about you? Does your craft room or area get messy or are you super tidy? Does it take you a while to get on with cleaning it up? or are you like me and its never really tidy even after a good clean.

Scrapbook request

At the Back end of 2012 I decided I would make a mini scrapbook for my sister. It was to represent the first year of her daughters life, and would be given to her as a gift at Christmas. She loved it so much she has now requested one to show the second year. I thought I would share some of the pages from the first one with you.